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Policy & Procedure Changes


To ensure fair and equitable allocation of the resources available through SiMCentral, all end-users are required to submit an online scheduling request at If needed, the simulation centers’ faculty and staff will modify, without prior notice, the space allocation based on assessed needs and availability.


Regarding scheduling, beginning on January 1, 2019

  1. Event requests, scheduling planning meetings, making changes/cancellations and document submission will be expected to be completed through our website:
    • Upon submitting this form you will receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your request by the database.
    • Event requests and documentation, should be as specific as possible.
    • Routine event requests for space and items not utilized, may result in a Faculty’s loss of event request privileges.
    • If a Faculty losses event request privileges, the Program’s Director will be able to submit event requests for that Faculty member’s simulation needs.

  2. You should expect to receive an email reply and calendar invitations with 3-5 business days.
    • If you do not hear from us, please reach out to us at or simply reply to the automated confirmation you received.
  3. Once scheduling is confirmed and reserved, you will receive an email with one or more of the forms listed below:
    • Agenda / Logistics Form
      • The form will allow you to communicate your plans of the event. Including but not limited to: number of rooms needed, time structure or additional requests, including viewing and debriefing needs.
      • This document is required for all scheduled events and is to be completed and returned a minimum of 10 business days before the date event is scheduled.
    • Scenario Set-Up Form
      • The form will provide details for SimCentral staff to set up and prepare for your simulation.
      • The completed document(s) is required for each simulation scenario, and is to be returned a minimum of 10 business days before your scheduled event.
    • Additional forms for events utilizing Standardized Patients or Procedure Lab will be requested, as needed.

      Any additional changes or event discussions, should be conducted via email or in-person with an approved and scheduled planning meeting. All event changes must be confirmed via email and documented on scenario set-up form.

Regarding Event Documents, beginning on January 1, 2019

  • Supporting documents needed for an event will no longer be stored or maintained at SiMCentral (with exception to Scenario Set-Up and Agenda /Logistic Forms).
  • Faculty will be expected to supply all paper copies or digital formats essential for conducting the simulation or activity.
    • SiMCentral will not store or maintain Scenarios, Power Points, electronic documents, images, videos, website URL, etc.

Regarding staff support, beginning on January 1, 2019

  • Please ensure that your event has sufficient Faculty to monitor each simulation and procedure area.

Regarding Supplies.

  • If a program or event has prior approval, from SiMCentral’s Director, for supplies to be purchased through SiMCentral, Faculty is expected to submit a supply list with the event request form via web-site
  • The event’s supply list must be received 4 weeks prior to your scheduled event to ensure timely delivery of all supplies.
  • SimCentral cannot guarantee supplies will be available for event, if list received less than 4 weeks prior.
  • The supply list should include quantity, description and product number, if available.
  • SimCentral will not be responsible for supplies not available or any delays by the vendor.
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