Current COVID Guidelines

  1. Drink containers may be brought into the building, with covers or lids.
  2. Participants will be given a lunch break to leave the campus.
  3. If you do not feel well during the class dates, please do not come to campus. Call 414-9568 and leave a message.
  4. SiMCentral will require ALL event Participants, Faculty and Staff to wear isolation masks, gloves in breakout sessions.
  5. Participants are asked to adhere to social distance standards.
  6. Classroom settings will be established to comply with current TTUHSC protocols.
  7. SiMCentral will maintain room’s capacity, at current TTUHSC Amarillo campus Phase operations.
  8. SiMCentral will require multiple skills and testing stations, to maintain safe social distancing
  9. All Clinical encounter event staff / Faculty and Participants will wear isolation mask, at all times
  10. Clinical encounter patients, Faculty and students will be required to have temperature checks, upon arriving at SiMCentral.
  11. Clinical encounter students will don gloves upon entry to clinical exam hallway, these gloves will be used till patient encounter completed.
  12. Clinical encounter students will doff gloves after patient encounter and don additional gloves before returning to computer to type notes.
  13. Clinical encounter patients will clean the exam room, for the next student / clinical encounter.
  14. Faculty debriefing will be completed in a separate room.
  15. Under current (July 20th, 2020) TTUHSC and CDC guidelines, no more than 2 participants will be allowed in SiMCentral clinical exam rooms
  16. Clinical exam rooms will be cleaned, disinfected and restocked, before another scheduled encounter.
  17. Clinical exam rooms will be cleaned, disinfected and restocked, before another scheduled encounter.
  18. Clinical encounter student computer station will be wiped down between each session.
  19. No Feedback from SP after in-person OSCEs.
  20. Face shields required for SP's and Students for in-person OSCEs
  21. Stethoscopes must be cleaned before entering the patient room.
  22. Students are to be gloved during the entire in-person OSCE