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  • The Collaboration Began...


    Amarillo College, the School of Medicine at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Amarillo and West Texas A & M Univesity combined resources to create a regional healthcare simulation facility.

  • Operations Began


    3 employees were hired and space in the Women's Health and Research Institute was allocated for a temporary space of roughly 3,000 sq. ft.

    Through a bond election, money was provided to procure simulation equipment.

  • Expansion was necessary


    Expansion of the existing space was evident based on demand for the space. Simulation space was doubled and demands on common space (such as classrooms) was increased 3 times over.

  • MobileSim was created


    MobileSim provided a means to take education and medical outreach to rural and underserved areas of the tri-state area.

  • Gateways to Health Careers


    The Gateway to Health Careers Project establishes health science programs across the Texas panhandle and is designed to increase the healthcare workforce through a combination of distance learning and clinic experience. High-School (secondary) Students learn through web-based didactic instruction provided by Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning (AACAL) and gain clinical experience in SimCentral's MobileSim and patient interactions. This allows students to graduate high school with an endorsement in Public Service through the House Bill 5: Foundation High School Program.

  • SiMCentral is named a Center of Excellence in the Texas Tech System


  • Legislative Approval for Building Project



  • Building Complete



  • Serving more ...


    SiMCentral now serves all secondary, post-secondary and graduate healthcare students in the Amarillo - Canyon Area. In addition, a majority of healthcare professionals and students in the Texas Panhandle area also come to SiMCentral for educational activities.